It's the time of year to spread some cheer, so start making a film list and check it twice, as we excitedly bring you Naughty or Nice!

For the entire month of December, Light House and Pálás will be bringing the most beloved festive films and cult Christmas classics to the big screen. This year's nice list includes Frank Capra's iconic IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and 20th anniversary screenings of the utterly joyous ELF. The naughty list includes Stanley Kubrick's mysterious EYES WIDE SHUT and our annual trip to Nakatomi Tower in DIE HARD.

See you in December for this year's superb selection of cinematic stocking fillers.

  • Elf

    Will Ferrell stars as the ultimate fish out of water, Buddy, who as a baby crawls into Santa's toy bag and is whisked off to the North Pole, where he is raised as an elf. A misfit who grows to…

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    Director: Jon Favreau

    Genre: Comedy,Fantasy

    Release Date: 28-Nov-2003

    Mon 04 Dec
  • The Holiday

    A woman plagued by man trouble finds her fortune improves when she befriends an Englishwoman while on vacation...

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    Director: Nancy Meyers

    Genre: Comedy,Romance

    Release Date: 08-Dec-2006

    Wed 06 Dec
  • Cinephile Paradiso: Meet Me in St. Louis

    Next up in Cinephile Paradiso, we present Vincente Minnelli’s 1944 musical classic, Meet Me in St. Louis…

    Featuring a young Hollywood star, Judy Garland, Meet Me in St. Louis takes place one year before the 1904 St. Louis World’s…

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    Director: Vincente Minnelli

    Genre: Drama,Family,Comedy

    Release Date: 08-Nov-2023

    Thu 07 Dec
  • Home Alone

    An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation...

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    Director: Chris Columbus

    Genre: Comedy

    Release Date: 07-Dec-1990

    Sat 09 Dec
    Sun 17 Dec
  • Love Actually

    Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England...

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    Director: Richard Curtis

    Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance

    Release Date: 21-Nov-2003

    Sat 09 Dec
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

    What happens when you give a classic Dickens story the Muppet treatment? A lot of laughs, songs and a terrific story too! Michael Caine (who just retired from acting this year) takes on the part of miserable old miser Ebenezer…

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    Director: Brian Henson

    Genre: Comedy,Drama

    Release Date: 02-Dec-2022

    Sun 10 Dec
  • The Red Shoes

    In Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s visually ravishing masterpiece, a young ballerina is torn between the demands of love and art. Like the heroine of Hans Christian Andersen’s source fairytale, whose magic shoes compel her to dance, Victoria Page –…

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    Director: Michael Powell

    Director: Emeric Pressburger

    Genre: Drama,Romance

    Release Date: 08-Dec-2023

    Sun 10 Dec
  • GFS: Carol of the Bells

    Ukraine, 1938. Three neighbouring families; Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish, celebrate their Christmases with renditions of Carol of the Bells, adapted from a popular and beloved Ukrainian folk melody. Faced with persecution from both the Soviet and Nazi occupation of Ukraine,…

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    Director: Joey Travolta

    Genre: Festival,Drama

    Release Date: 10-Dec-2023

    Sun 10 Dec
    Mon 11 Dec
  • Die Hard

    One of the biggest films of the eighties, Die Hard was not only a box office smash, but it made a star of its leading man, Bruce Willis, and quickly became considered as one of the greatest action movies of…

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    Director: John McTiernan

    Genre: Action,Romance

    Release Date: 17-Feb-1989

    Tue 12 Dec
  • Tokyo Godfathers (20th Anniversary)

    In modern-day Tokyo, three homeless people's lives are changed forever when they discover a baby girl at a garbage dump on Christmas Eve. As the New Year fast approaches these three forgotten members of society band together to solve the…

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    Director: Satoshi Kon

    Genre: Animation,Comedy

    Release Date: 07-Oct-2003

    Wed 13 Dec
  • Eyes Wide Shut

    After Dr. Bill Hartford's (Tom Cruise) wife, Alice (Nicole Kidman), admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she met, Bill becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter. He discovers an underground sexual group and attends one of their meetings…

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    Director: Stanley Kubrick

    Genre: Drama

    Release Date: 10-Nov-2022

    Fri 15 Dec
  • Solve-Along-A Murder She Wrote

    Cult hit event Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote comes to town, with interactive screenings of classic Murder, She Wrote episodes. Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote is a unique and hilarious night featuring games, prizes and audience participation, with special permission from NBC Universal Television.

    December 15th Light…

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    Genre: Drama

    Release Date: 15-Apr-2023

    Sat 16 Dec
  • It’s a Wonderful Life

    Like overcooked poultry, Brussel sprouts and indigestion, It’s a Wonderful Life is a Christmas tradition. However, unlike these things, Frank Capra’s masterpiece is both tremendous fun and good for you. Far from being a saccharine, sentimental wallow, this film, in…

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    Director: Frank Capra

    Genre: Drama,Fantasy

    Release Date: 03-Dec-2021

    Sun 17 Dec
  • I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen: Gremlins

    With its Christmas lights and dusting of snow, Kingston Falls is an idyllic small town. It’s home to Billy Peltzer, a teenager who has just received an unusual present from his father with a specific set of instructions. In order…

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    Director: Joe Dante

    Genre: Comedy,Fantasy,Horror

    Release Date: 20-Dec-2023

    Wed 20 Dec
  • Santa Claus: The Movie

    This is the story of a master toymaker who discovers a magical kingdom of elves in the North Pole and becomes Santa Claus. But when Santa's eager-to-please elf Patch leaves the North Pole for the big streets of New York…

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    Director: Jeannot Szwarc

    Genre: Family,Fantasy

    Release Date: 06-Dec-1985

    Sat 23 Dec
  • Marie Antoinette

    The retelling of France's iconic but ill-fated queen, Marie Antoinette. From her betrothal and marriage to Louis XVI at 14 to her reign as queen at 19 and to the end of her reign as queen, and ultimately the fall…

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    Director: Sofia Coppola

    Genre: Drama,Biopic,Historical

    Release Date: 25-Oct-2023

    Sun 31 Dec

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