Before Trilogy Marathon

Before Trilogy Marathon
15A330 min

Director: Richard Linklater Starring:Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy Released:Sun 16 Jun 2024


June 16th isn't just the day Leopold Bloom went on his Dublin odyssey; it's also the day in cinema when Jesse (Ethan Hawke) met Celine (Julie Delpy) and wandered around Vienna in director Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset (1994).

Celebrating thirty years of romance across three different cities, in three different films, over nineteen years, Pálás is presenting Richard Linklater’s BEFORE TRILOGY on the big screen.

We start with Before Sunset (1994) in which the lovers meet and spend a night in Vienna.

Then in Before Sunrise (2004), it’s off to Paris where the lovers meet again after nine years.

And finally, in Before Midnight (2013), we spend another fateful night with Jesse and Celine, almost two decades after their first meeting, this time in Greece.

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