Cinephile Paradiso: Easy Rider

Cinephile Paradiso: Easy Rider
1895 min

Director: Dennis Hopper Starring:Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Karen Black Released:Thu 06 Jun 2024


Are you born to be wild? Get ready to hit the road on June 6th as Cinephile Paradiso presents EASY RIDER starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson.

Wyatt and Billy, two Harley-riding hippies, complete a drug deal in Southern California and decide to travel cross-country in search of spiritual truth. On their journey, they experience bigotry and hatred from the inhabitants of small-town America and meet with other travellers seeking alternative lifestyles. After a terrifying drug experience in New Orleans, the two travellers wonder if they will ever find a way to live peacefully in America.

The film offers a raw depiction of the tensions of 1960s America, including the rise of hippie culture, drug use, and communal living. Easy Rider is celebrated as a touchstone for a generation that challenged the norm.

Cinephile Paradiso is a monthly classic cinema club taking place in Pálás Cinema & Bar. Each month we handpick a classic film to watch on the big screen and followed by a discussion in the bar. Whether you’re a lover of screwball comedies, dark noirs, John Ford westerns, colourful MGM musicals, European auteurs, there is something for you on the first Thursday of every month.

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