EAFFI: Eat Drink Man Woman

EAFFI: Eat Drink Man Woman
CLUB124 min

Starring: Released:Sat 01 Jan 1994


We are delighted to present, with the support of the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, the restored version of Ang Lee’s classic and ‘exquisite’ multi-generational Eat Drink Man Woman. The last film in Lee's family trilogy known as the 'father knows best' series, Eat Drink Man Woman was the first of them to be shot in his native contemporary Taipei, a place he found quite foreign upon returning there to film. Served by a fabulous cast (and fascinating food!), the film tells the story of widowed master chef Chu (Sihung Lung) who lives with his three adult daughters – Jia-Jen (Yang Kuei-Mei); Jia-Chien (Wu Chien-Lien); and Jia-Ning (Wang Yu-Wen). The weekly family gathering revolves around elaborate Sunday dinners prepared affectionally by Chu for his daughters, and occasionally a friend and neighbour. There they share the changes in their lives, each of them using this central moment to make important announcements and revelations, all to tender and wonderful effect.


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