EAFFI: The Novelist’s Film

EAFFI: The Novelist’s Film
CLUB92 min

Starring: Released:Thu 06 Oct 2022


Film writer-curator Dennis Lim remarks that in Hong’s films from the past decade ‘women are the true heroes’, and this was never more true than here. Veteran novelist Junhee (Lee Hyeyoung, In Front of Your Face), has lost her inspiration. She makes a daytrip to a small town where she visits a former colleague and bookstore owner, and this leads to chance encounters – first, a filmmaker who has failed to adapt one of her books, and then actress Kilsoo (luminous Kim Minhee) who is also questioning her role as an artist. Feeling inspired Junhee wants to make a short film with Kilsoo. Prolific festival favourite South Korean writer-director Hong Sangsoo returns with his regular troupe of actors in another sparkling conversation-driven comedy-drama shot (almost entirely) in sumptuous black and white. Delight in Hong’s exploration of artistic inspiration and creativity, filmmaking, writing, and social relationships in the company of old and new friends!Korean language with English subtitles.


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