GFS: Under the Fig Trees

GFS: Under the Fig Trees
CLUB92 min

Starring: Released:Fri 03 Mar 2023


In northwest Tunisia, a group of young women – Melek, Fidé, Sana and Mariem - join the older workers to help with the summer fig harvest. Each young woman has her own hopes and dreams for the future; over the course of the day they take the opportunity to catch up, share secrets and debate over the traditional fates expected for Tunisian women. This stunning fiction debut from acclaimed French-Tunisian documentarian Erige Sehiri was developed using a group of non-professional actors, whose own experiences also inspired the story. Combining the resulting naturalistic performances with sun-dappled close-ups, Sehiri provides a warm intimacy for her viewers to experience this gentle story of sisterhood. The perfect choice for celebrating International Women’s Day.


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