CLUB 18+87 min

Director: Lotfy Nathan Producer:Alex Hughes, Lotfy Nathan, Fabian Gasmia, Habib Attia, Tariq Merhab, Maurice Fadida, Benoit Roland, Eugene Kotlyarenko, Donato Rotunno, Riccardo Maddalosso, Nicole Romano, Julie Viez Starring:Adam Bessa, Salima Maatoug Released:Fri 05 May 2023


A modern-day parable about resistance. Ali, a young Tunisian dreaming of a better life, in making a precarious living selling contraband gas at the local black market. When his father suddenly dies, he’s forced to take charge of his two younger sisters and their impending eviction. What ensues is a fight for dignity. The voice of a generation trying to be heard more than a decade after the revolution.

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