MAY-17-74: Anatomy of a Massacre

MAY-17-74: Anatomy of a Massacre
CLUB 18+105 min

Starring: Released:Thu 20 Jun 2024


From the award winning filmmakers of 406 Days - The Debenhams Picket Line comes the story of the Dublin Monaghan Bombings.

On the 17th May 1974 three no warning bombs detonated in Dublin City Centre within three minutes of each other killing 27 people including an unborn baby, a French citizen and an Italian citizen and injuring 258 people.

Later that evening a no warning bomb in Monaghan Town killed 7 more innocent people; in total 34 people died that summers day.

The Dublin Monaghan Bombings resulted in the greatest loss of life in any single day of the Troubles.

Within seven weeks the investigations into the bombings had been closed down by the state, nobody was ever charged, and the inquests into those killed on the streets of Dublin were never completed.

In 1993 nearly two decades after the atrocities the Ulster Volunteer Force claimed sole responsibility, however given the sophistication of the attack the families and survivors have always believed there was British Military involvement.

Justice for the Forgotten was formed in 1996 by the berevaed families and surviviors with the aim of campaigning for truth and justice for the victims of the bombings.

For five decades they have faced the wrath of two states in trying to seek the truth for their loved ones.

In this human interest film documentary the familes and survivors talk about that tragic day and how they have fought for 50 years to try and find the truth.

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