Nosferatu - Restored and Rescored

Nosferatu - Restored and Rescored
PG94 min

Starring: Released:Sun 14 Aug 2022


Irish/UK production company Figgis-West decided that a new score to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 1922 classic horror - FW Murnau’s Nosferatu - was perfectly positioned for a soundtrack that brought together elements of the 21st century with classic sounds of the era in which the film was produced. They sourced the best available version of the film (in its most complete form), uniformly regrading in crisp black and white, and then approached the exciting Irish composer Hugh Doolan (whom they had previously collaborated with on the Declan O’Rourke starring short film The Wake - MVD Entertainment Group) and more recently on their feature documentary Simon Marsden’s Haunted Life in Pictures (MVD Entertainment Group).Hugh had this to say - "It has been an unsurpassable experience for me to score such an iconic masterpiece that is the expressionist epic, Nosferatu. I was transfixed and hugely inspired throughout the entire process. Striking a balance to bridge the 100 years gap, it was my duty to respectfully recall and at the same time sturdily renew Murnau's wonderful legacy, with all the artistic expression I could muster”.


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