Ransom ‘79

Ransom ‘79
PG84 min

Director: Colm Quinn Starring:Paul Murphy, Bertie Ahern, Dave Rowe, Colin Murphy, Charlie Bird Released:Fri 24 May 2024


RANSOM ’79 tells the story of legendary Irish reporter Charlie Bird and his determination to break one final story before his life is cut short by Motor Neurone Disease. Charlie's sources have given him an extraordinary true crime story, one that had remained secret for decades - the attempt by a criminal gang to extort millions from the Irish government. The disease has already taken Charlie's voice. But clever use of technology means he can still do interviews - using a voice app on his ipad - and, even as his strength falters, he keeps chasing the story.

Ransom '79 charts Charlie’s investigation and reconstructs a scarcely-believable sequence of events that led from farce to tragedy, in a very different Ireland. But beneath it all, the film is an exploration of how one man confronting his own mortality can find respite in doing the thing he loves, even in the most terrible of circumstances.

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