The Taste of Things

The Taste of Things
12A134 min

Director: Anh Hung Tran Starring: Released:Thu 14 Mar 2024


1880s France. For over 20 years skilled cook Eugenie ( Binoche ) has worked for gourmet chef Dodin ( Magimel ), with the two living under the same roof. As they reach middle - age, they can no longer deny that their professional relationship and shared passion for cooking has become something more. But Eugenie wants to keep her independence, and refuses Dodin’s numerous marriage proposals . He decides to convince her to change her mind, by finally cooking a meal just for her ... This latest film from French - Vietnamese director Trần (Oscar - nominated The Scent of Green Papaya ) is both a culinary and romantic delight . With guidance from French chef Pierre Gagnaire, Trần captures the culinary artistry that produce the delicious dishes we see on - screen in exquisite detail.

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