It’s time to start making a list (of films to see) and make sure to check it twice, as Light House Cinema announces this year’s Naughty or Nice Christmas programme.

For the entire month of December, Light House and Pálás are dedicated to spreading Christmas cheer and giving audiences a fun & festive space to celebrate with their friends and family with a selection of the seasons most beloved films and some cult classics.

It simply isn’t Christmas-time without cheering on Kevin McCallister’s hijinks in a HOME ALONE movie, getting lost watching Jimmy Stewart running around Bedford Falls in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE or witnessing John McClane singlehandedly taking on Hans Gruber in DIE HARD.

Both cinemas offer their own festive one-off events; including Light House's ELF SING ALONG SOCIAL Christmas Party and a DIE HARD Nakotomi Plaza Office Christmas Party at Pálás! Take a look at all the seasonal joys on offer at the links below!

Light House Line Up HERE

Pálás Line Up HERE

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