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      Revisit 1999 at Light House & Pálás This Summer


      Twenty-Five years on… Would you have taken the red or blue pill? Did you think those students were really lost in the woods? Were you tempted to join an elitist cult or clique? 1999, a year that surely shaped modern cinema, laying the groundwork for a new era of teen superstars and visionary directors. Was it the year cinema was at its best or were people looking for escapism for fear of the Millenium Bug?

      It’s time to swap whatsapp for wassssup. Get ready for a 1999 makeover as this summer Light House and Pálás have dug deep into the archives and dusted off their tinted glasses to treat audiences to a feast full of seduction, satire, suspicion and supernatural including Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, the ever-relevant Election, the sun-soaked The Talented Mr. Ripley and of course the Wachowski’s revolutionary The Matrix.

      Loyalty+ members will not only relish in a wistful trip down memory lane on screen, but their wallets will also enjoy nostalgic ticket prices with season events at 1999 pricing (€4.99).

      It’s time to party like it’s 1999, in Light House the season will kick off on Saturday 6th July with a Cruel Intentions Secret Society Party, DJ Louise Bruton will be spinning more classics than Now That’s What I Call Music! 42, David Lynch’s The Straight Story and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia will both be shown on 35mm, Fionnula Jones will discuss how 10 Things I Hate About You is a Bop for FlopCulture, Cinema Book Club will discuss Audition on July 29th, and audience members can experience the iconic Maryland woods recreated for The Blair Witch Project as the season comes towards an end on August 24th. Dublin Vintage Factory will recreate looks for season events, and audiences can expect surprises along the way as well as an end of season quiz hosted by Rory Cashin.

      Pálás will host a 1999 party with Cruel Intentions on July 20th. Members can enjoy a quiz to launch the season on Thursday July 4th. Throughout the season there will be an emphasis on sustainable fashion as well as a book swap for The Talented Mr. Ripley on August 5th. Regular events such as Drink & Draw, karaoke and video games will be back at Pálás bar with a 90’s spin.

      On planning the season, Light House Cinema programmer David Kelly reflects:

      The year 1999 was certainly a formative one as I spent a huge portion of it planning to go to my local cinema to absorb sights and sounds that would stay with me for the next 25 years. The 20th century went out on a cinematic high with masters like Stanley Kubrick, Pedro Almodovar, Spike Lee, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese releasing films alongside newcomers like Sofia Coppola, Paul Thomas Anderson, Lynne Ramsay and Spike Jonze.

      It was a year that changed the mainstream cinematic landscape with genre defining releases such as The Blair Witch Project and The Matrix taking horror and action to terrifying and incredible new heights. 1999 gave us some of the greatest coming of age movies of all time in Cruel Intentions and But I’m a Cheerleader and razor-sharp satire such as Drop Dead Gorgeous. It’s a delight and honour to dedicate an entire season to one of cinema’s greatest years. I’ll see you at the Light House this Summer!”

      Check out the full lineup here:

      Light House


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