PG87 min

Director: Tanya Doyle Starring: Released:Sun 19 May 2024


Follows the young female and male athletes of Team Ireland who dedicate everything to a sport that’s not respected or recognised in their country. Forget pom-poms & girls on the sidelines, Eat / Sleep / Cheer / Repeat combines breath-taking stunts with team gymnastics, showing the strength, sweat - and sparkle! - required to be a world class cheerleader.
From award-winning director Tanya Doyle (THE HOUSE) with music by Stephen Rennicks & Hugh Drumm (AN CAILÍN CIÚIN), this surprising and uplifting coming-of-age movie intimately explores questions of gender, strength, performance, sexuality and what it’s like to grow up in the world today.
Can Team Ireland reach their goal of top ten in the world and can cheerleading give these athletes a space to find themselves?Battling self-doubt while figuring out their place in the world, this is a story of athletes who don’t just want to fit in, they want to stand out.

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