JFF: Yudo: The Way of the Bath

JFF: Yudo: The Way of the Bath
CLUB 18+126 min

Director: Masayuki Suzuki Starring:Toma Ikuta, Gaku Hamada, Kanna Hashimoto Released:Sun 14 Apr 2024


Architect Shiro returns to his hometown with one goal in mind: to finally shut down the family business, a long - running bathhouse named Marukin Hot Spring. When an unfortunate accident lands Shiro’s brother Miura in a hospital bed, bathhouse employee Izumi encourages Shiro to step up to the plate and temporarily run the business. Shiro is initially a reluctant proprietor, but his encounters with the various regular customers soon have him reassessing his priorities in life. Yudo is a charming, light - hearted celebration of Japan’s culture of communal bathing

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