The Days of Trees

The Days of Trees
1690 min

Director: Alan Gilsenan Starring: Released:Thu 09 May 2024


The Days of Trees reunites director Alan Gilsenan and producer Tomás Hardiman to complete the third in their loose trilogy with the acclaimed ‘Meetings with Ivor’ and ‘The Meeting'.

In this highly original, IFTA-nominated feature documentary, Tomás Hardiman embarks on a journey of discovery with his friend and collaborator, film director, Alan Gilsenan. As they progress, we witness first-hand Tomás’s unearthing of fresh and startling childhood happenings which had somehow eluded his memory. What follows is a profound pilgrimage towards uncovering how sporadic crises in adulthood, amidst an otherwise ‘normal’ life, had their roots in sophisticated sexual abuse by Christian Brothers in the late 1960s.

The screening on Friday April 19th will be followed by a Q+A with director Alan Gilsenan and producer Tomás Hardiman, moderated by Ruairí McKiernan (Love and Courage podcast).

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