On The Run

There's nothing the movies like more than a fugitive. Whether it is running from the law, a dangerous ex, poor choices or an evil psychopath, there's drama to be found in all of these situations. Sometimes our heroes and heroines are innocent but sometimes not, and we find ourselves rooting for them all the same. Inspired by two new releases - Ethan Coen's Drive Away Dolls and Rose Glass' Love Lies Bleeding - we've put together some of our favourites. So, put the pedal to the metal, steel yourself for a game of cat and mouse and get ready to run for your life...

  • Badlands

    Badlands announced the arrival of a major talent: Terrence Malick. His impressionistic take on the notorious Charles Starkweather killing spree of the late 1950s uses a serial-killer narrative as a springboard for an oblique teenage romance, lovingly and idiosyncratically enacted…

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    Director: Terrence Malick

    Genre: Drama

    Release Date: 04-Mar-2024

    Tue 23 Apr
  • I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen…Midnight Run

    One of the most entertaining, best executed, original road pictures ever. Starring Charles Grodin as Jonathan Mardukas, a mafia accountant on the run, and Robert De Niro as Jack Walsh, the bounty hunter who wants to find him in order…

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    Director: Martin Brest

    Genre: Action,Comedy

    Release Date: 05-Jan-2023

    Wed 24 Apr

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